Whiter teeth can look attractive and enhance your smile. Whether it is for that special occasion such as wedding or a big event, or if you just want to improve your everyday confidence, this could be for you.

All of our tooth whitening treatments have been extensively evaluated to provide a safe and proven way to lighten the shade of your smile, which will both help your confidence and enchance your appearance.

Tooth whitening procedures are very effective way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface or damaging it.
As we get older our teeth get darker. This is partly due to our getting older, but it is also caused by the foods we eat and drink and by habits such as smoking. Tea, coffee, blackcurrant juice, red wine and other foods that have strong colours can have an effect on the overall colour of our teeth.
Calculus and tartar can also affect the colour of your teeth. However, it is possible to erase years of stains in a single professional whitening session and sustain those results for many years, with proper maintenance.
Your dentist @ Healthy Roots will assess your teeth to make sure that you are suitable for tooth whitening. They will tell you about the options you have for tooth whitening and which will be the most suitable for you.
The most popular method of tooth whitening in US is called zoom whitening. Gel is painted onto your teeth and a light is shone onto the gel to speed up the whitening reaction. We have imported a machine from US for tooth whitening.
Another option is 'dentist-supervised home whitening'. You will have trays made specially to fit into your mouth like gum shields. The whitening gel is then put in the trays and you will be given a routine to follow at home.
All cases of tooth whitening undergo a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth, prior to the whitening process.
The effects of whitening are thought to last up to one year. However, this will vary from person to person. The effect is less likely to last as long if you smoke or eat or drink products that can stain your teeth.
In Europe, tooth whitening can only be legally carried out by a dentist.
These regulations are to protect the public, to make sure that anyone carrying out whitening is properly trained and has the right skills and knowledge to carry out the procedure.
There are several whitening toothpastes in the market. Although they do not affect the natural colour of your teeth they may be effective at removing staining, helping to restore the natural colour of your teeth. Therefore, they may improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Whitening toothpastes may also help the effect to last after your teeth have been professionally whitened.
Tooth whitening can lighten your existing tooth colour. Also it only works on natural teeth. It will not work on any types of 'false' teeth such as dentures and veneers.
Many people find that their teeth and gums feel cleaner after they have been whitened. The whitening treatment was first used as a treatment to help heal gums, so this is an added benefit.